As you get older, you probably realize that there are layers of protection that can make a big difference in life. Maybe when you were young, you were taught to lock the front door and not talk to strangers. Fast-forward a few decades, and chances are good you own a home or business. Locking the doors and being smart about talking to strangers is still smart, but chances are good that you have insurance on your property, too. Unfortunately, insurance is far from being an ultimate solution when the worst happens.

If your insured property suffers damage, you can’t expect the insurance company to swoop in with funds to relieve your stress. Instead, the insurance company will put you through a gauntlet of questions, demands for proof, and you may not get the maximum payment on your claim after all that effort. While insurance companies are incredibly important, they are still profit-driven businesses, and it’s important for you, as a property owner, to have an expert on your side to ensure you the insurance company does its job. Grasso Public Adjusters is that expert team.

Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

For many people, the world of insurance is a foreign concept they avoid until something goes wrong. As a result, many people don’t even understand what a public adjuster is. We are state-certified professionals who aren’t phased by insurance, thick legalese, or the claim adjusters sent by insurance companies. Most of all, we are in the business of being allies for people going through some of the most stressful situations in their lives.

Reason 1: A Public Adjuster Maximizes Your Settlement

We consistently get people higher claim payments than they would have gotten on their own. While every situation is different, public adjusters consistently get their clients improved settlements, which makes reaching out well worth it. The instant a disaster happens, people are usually longing for everything to get back to normal. We can get you the funds that make “normal” possible again.

Reason 2: A Public Adjuster Gets Paid Via Your Recovery

Public adjusters are professionals with formidable knowledge and a passion for fighting for their clients. Because we are paid a percentage of your recovery funds, we are highly motivated to get you the best results possible. Put another way, a win for you is a win for us. That’s what you call aligned interests — a recipe for constructive teamwork and success.

Reason 3: A Public Adjuster Eases Your Stress and Grief

There’s no doubt about it: property loss or damage can cause intense stress and a certain amount of grief for the owners. This pain is only compounded when you feel that your insurance company isn’t keeping their word and fulfilling the policy you’ve been funding for months. We come alongside you with knowledge and just enough determination to propel your situation up and to the right. Don’t underestimate the benefit of an expert ally.

Contact Grasso Public Adjusters

We understand that, when something goes wrong, the idea of paying someone else to come and assess the damage can be too much. That is why we offer free claim reviews in New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Texas. We will be on-the-spot for you, ready to shoulder the burden and get things back on track. Call now.