Insurance is one of the basic building blocks of finding success in business or homeownership, and as such, it can be easy to think you can get insurance and leave your cares behind. However, the only way that is true is if nothing goes wrong. Your property may exist in your possession free of damage or emergencies, but chances are equally as good that something will go wrong. In that case, you’ll probably experience a spike in stress that hundreds of thousands of people have felt before you. Whether it’s water damage, fire damage, a tornado, a break-in, or another emergency, it can be difficult to keep your head on straight.

How to Stay Calm When Your Property Has Been Damaged

At Grasso Public Adjusters, we are passionate about what we do because it alleviates a lot of stress for people dealing with brand-new, unpleasant situations. Our insurance expertise empowers us to make sure you get a maximized insurance claim and enjoy some peace of mind. Here are some tips for handling property damage.

Safety first.

Your top priority is making sure that you, your family, or your teammates are safe. Depending on the circumstances, there may be higher risk levels or not. Whatever is going on, just make sure that people are safe. After all, they are most important.

Take stock of what happened.

You’re going to need to note all the damage you can find so that it can be itemized and added up. Understanding the full extent of the damage will help your insurance company know how much they need to pay you.

Contact your insurance.

Your insurance company will want to send their own claims adjuster to take stock of the situation and see what happened. This is just a normal part of the process and needs to be done before you clean up.

Contact us.

Instead of leaving professional assessment to your insurance company only, get one of our public adjusters on-site to check everything out. We have outlined our process here, which makes it easy to understand what to do. We will be on-the-spot for you and focused on getting an accurate assessment and using it to maximize your payment.

Trust Grasso Public Adjusters

Insurance companies are important, but they are profit-driven businesses, which causes a conflict of interest: the money they pay you is money they lose. That is why our agents are so important. We get paid out of the money we win for you, so there’s no conflict of interest. We’re certified to work in your state, so we have full authority to deal with your insurance company. Contact us in Oklahoma, Texas, and New Jersey today.