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Often, without the assistance of a Licensed Public Adjuster working on your behalf, the preparation of a property damage claim is unfamiliar territory. Insurance paperwork is filled with complicated jargon and calculations that only a Licensed Public Adjuster will thoroughly understand: depreciation, replacement cost value and actual cash value. Unfortunately, in order to benefit from the insurance you pay for every month, you must prove your claim to the insurance company and document each item, either by yourself or with the aid of a Licensed Public Adjuster.

Most policyholders have the same questions: How much loss was incurred? Will I be able to rebuild? Do I need assistance? Our Licensed Public Adjusters are here to eliminate these concerns.

Commercial Claims

Grasso Public Adjuster’s Owner, Joe, has a lengthy background in construction.  Having once owned a commercial construction business, his knowledge surrounding the necessary coverage for supplies and costs is extensive.  This foundation serves as one of GPA’s top strengths when it comes to getting large loss claims covered correctly.

Through work in the construction field and currently as a Public Adjuster, GPA has connected with some of the industry’s top resources.  Collaboration with these resources, such as Engineers, Forensic Accountants, and inventory management teams are part of what sets GPA apart.

Many factors of a business are affected once a large loss occurs, including loss of income, equipment, etc. GPA prides itself on identifying all scopes of the loss and requesting correct coverage and payout.

Residential Claims

When disaster hits home, you often have your hands full. Our team of experts is available to help appropriately identify the damages, prepare an estimate for your claim, and streamline the process for a faster settlement.

For years, homeowners in Texas, New Jersey, and Oklahoma facing property damage have turned to Grasso Public Adjusters to help them rebuild their lives. As independent adjusters, we work directly for the property owner, advocating on your behalf and never for insurance companies.

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